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Welcome to the metrics wiki! All metrics in this catalog are described in a catalog format which was first introduced in this proposal. Since this introduction, we have been working on setting up the basic structure of the wiki and adding descriptions of metrics. The following shows a selection of software metrics and agile monitoring metrics that have already been added. Please feel free to add more software metrics as you see fit. If you want to use the format in a scientific publication this latex template might be of use.

Software Metrics[edit]

Our goal is to collect and categorize all Software Metrics to provide you with a one-place stop to:

  • Find software metrics you can use in your project
  • Identify common solutions to problems you find with software metrics
  • Get to know new software metrics
Statement Coverage Test Suite
Component Size Uniformity Software System
Component Balance Software System
Lines of Code Software System
Duplicated Lines Software System
System Breakdown Optimality Software System
Duplication Percentage Software System

Agile Monitoring Metrics[edit]

Most of the metrics in the Agile Monitoring model are based on data from the Product Backlog (PB) that is often used in agile software development projects. This is done to ensure practical feasibility and broad applicability. Each metric offers a certain angle of insight into the status of the project. The relations between the metrics are an important aspect of the monitoring model, because when analyzed simultaneously, the metrics offer more complete overview of the project.

Software Quality Software System
Project Size Software Project
Enhancement Rate Software Project
Expenses Prognosis Software Project
Project Time Prognosis Software Project
Project Scope Prognosis Software Project
Added-Removed Product Backlog Items Product Backlog
Changed Product Backlog Item Descriptions Product Backlog
Priority Shift Product Backlog
Estimation Shift Product Backlog
Product Backlog Items At Risk Product Backlog